Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer

This is one of the cheapest metal detectors yet it is equipped with top-of-the line features. If you are just starting out with treasure hunting, we recommend this product. Ships in frustration free packaging. This is the metal detector for starters and young people. If you want to have fun and get rewarded while at the same time enjoying your hobby, this is the tool to go with.


Application for the following:

• Relic hunting.
• Jewelry hunting.
• Cache hunting.
• Coin shooting.

Push Button Discrimination

This device is equipped with one touch depth control for a trouble-free operation.

Digital target ID

For accurate detection and feedback, this tool is equipped with three tones audio feedback. There is also an inbuilt four segment digital ID for easily identifying your target object.

LCD Display

The LCD display is crystal clear and can be viewed at varying distant. For example, if you are a short person, you can view the display without moving around the tool all the time.


The bounty hunter quick silver metal detector is equipped with the latest pinpointing technology for detecting target locations accurately. It has a built in pre-set ground balance to eliminate response to ground mineral content underground.

With the pinpointing technology, you can locate the exact location of target with accuracy. It runs on two alkaline batteries which is not included but can be ordered separately.

This detector operates at 7 KHz and equipped with progressive discrimination system and variable notch system for ease of use and accurate object identification.


This unit is powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries. Do not use any other battery model except alkaline batteries to ensure that your metal detector last longer. It also has battery life indicator to indicate battery level.


Dimension is as follows: 28.3 x 6 x 10 inches; 1.9lbs. Shipping weight is estimated at 5 pounds.

Additional Features

Additional features include:

• Quick audio feedback.
• Waterproof headphone jack. Compatible with most headphones.
• Light weight and versatile. Just 2.8 lbs.
• Quick adjustable height.
• Padded armrest.
• S-rod system.
• Detector stand.
• Durable and sturdy.
• Can be easily installed.
• Accurate depth feedback.


In the box, you will find the quick silver metal detector, an 8” open search coil, and a pinpointer metal detector.


Pros are as follow:

• It is easy to use.
• Can be learnt quickly.
• Can distinguish between metals accurately.
• No false signal is given. Meaning there is limited number of pop tops. This is a great value for money.
• Picks up gold easily. A reviewer mentioned how he was able to pick up an 8lbs nugget (of gold in his backyard) with this detector. Read more here…
• This is a great detector for beginners who want to start their metal detecting hobby.


This unit has been reported to have the following cons:

• When used for too long, it tends to tire the arm. This is common with most metal detectors. So this is not a strong disadvantage to deter you from purchasing this unit.
• Coil cover is not included.
• Doesn’t pick up gold/difficult to pick up 18k of gold. We don’t know why but someone else reported that this tool uncovered a nugget (piece of gold) while he was treasure hunting.

Consumer Ratings

As we write this review, we do wonder if the price of this product will go up soon or remain constant as it is for some days now. The reason is that many people are very happy with the performance of this metal detector and will be happy to pay more for it. Though this might not affect the price for some time to come, it is a factor that should be considered. If you want to buy this product now before the price goes up, follow this link to purchase now.

When we checked Amazon, this product scored 4.4 star rating out of 5 with lots of fantastic reviews. It is highly recommended if you want a reasonably priced product with optimum performance.


As at the time of this writing, this tool is less than $100 on Amazon. When it comes to pricing of items and ordering for goods online, you can’t beat Amazon. They have the best price on any product you can find on their website.

This holds true for this tool. Right now, you can get it for less than a $100 on their website. You can go there now to check out the newest price of bounty hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver metal detector.

List Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $109.79
(as of 12/08/2014 01:25 UTC - Details)

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